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Look for an existing FreeUse group?

Is there already a group for your city or county? If there is, it, of course, has priority. Click on your region to the
left and make sure your area doesn't already have a group.  If it does show a group in your area, then it may
be operated by The FreeUse Network and may need a local moderator...that could be you.

Are you still interested in setting up a group even though there is a similar group in your area?  We can't
approve a potentially overlapping group.  There typically cannot be more than one group per owner and the
owner must, of course, actually live in the area that the proposed group covers. BUT, if there is already a
FreeUse group in your area, I bet that you can be a co-moderator in the group in your area.  Contact us at if you are interested or contact the local moderator.

You need a Moderator. Is it you?  You need a group in your area.  Are you the one to start it?

Do you think FreeUse is a really cool community resource? Do you wonder why nobody thought of doing this
before? Maybe you could be the moderator of a new FreeUse group!

We have set up a
Moderator's Manual that you can view now (to give you a better idea of our standards) or at
any time when you need a refresher.

(You can view a very nice FreeUse group home page at this link: Example FreeUse Site.  Of course, only
members have access to all the group privileges of this active site.)

If you are interested, please read through these qualifications, and if you think you meet most or all of the
requirements please fill out the information at the bottom of this page


Must live in the area served by the potential FreeUse group.

Basic knowledge of the FreeUse guidelines/rules. They can be looked up and learned fairly quickly at our
User's Guide.

Time! Must have some time throughout the day to devote to moderating a group, just to check and see if things are going
okay. It is a volunteer position - there is no pay or tangible benefits, just the joy of knowing you're giving back to your

Computer, Internet access and computer skills.

Internet experience. Knowledge of Yahoo!Groups is a huge plus, but not required.

Writing skills. Correct spelling, proper punctuation, complete sentences, and proper grammar are a must (or, at least, pretty
dang important!).

Must not type in "chat mode" or "IM mode". This means no all lower case or upper case typing (see previous "qualifiction")!

The ability to follow instructions. There are guidelines in place for all FreeUse group moderators to maintain in order to be
listed on the main FreeUse webpage. (

A positive attitude and the ability to keep your cool when dealing with irate or irresponsible members.

An interest in environmental causes. You know that FreeUse isn't about FREE stuff but about keeping stuff out of the landfills
and building community!

Is this you? Then tell us about yourself!

Please use the following confidential and secure form to place an application to start a New Group or
transfer your existing recycling group to FreeUse.  (Use your TAB key to move to the next field.)
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Note: Your name, phone number and email address will not be shown on the website.  Please
review application and the directions to ensure accuracy before submitting
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