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Tips for Selecting a Recipient for Your OFFER--

To all the WONDERFUL past, current and future OFFERers (that's everybody right?), you may (probably will)
receive multiple emails from members wanting your item, so I offer the following for your consideration:

(1) It seems like there is a movement across all of FreeUse, to urge members to wait 12 to 24 hours before
selecting a recipient of their offer.  That way, you can maybe select whom you believe is the one who may
put the item to best use AND it gives non-profits and charities an opportunity to 'get in on the action'...seems
like a good and fair idea to me.

(2) When I offer something and get multiple responses, I strongly consider who has made offers
themselves, previously. I believe the true spirit of freeusing lies in BOTH giving/offering and
receiving/seeking. Basically, I often give slight preference to fellow 'offerers'...but that is still just one

(3) If you do "first come, first serve" (for instance, if you got to get rid of something fast), then make sure you
know which is the first email offer that you receive...for instance, usually, the most recent email is listed first
when you check your email (mine is), BUT that wouldn't necessarily be the 'first' response to your offer. That
one would be further down your email list. Got it?  Also, if you do want to get rid of your item ASAP, consider
who can actually be there to pick it up the quickest.

(4) At times, every FreeUse list has chronic "takers". That's generally OK...somebody has to take for this to
work...BUT consider spreading the 'wealth' (i.e., consider not giving to the member that seems to always be
the recipient of items...if you can figure that out).

Anyway, just trying to make sure things are relatively fair and as many people are as happy as possible
(notice, I didn't say 'everybody happy'...ya think I want to go crazy trying to do that?).

Scott, TFN Moderator
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