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Tips for Managing the Email You Receive From Your Local FreeUse Message Board--

The posts (i.e., OFFERS, SEEK requests, etc.) made to your local FreeUse message board can be viewed
using the options outlined below, based on your objectives and preferences:

"Individual Emails"-Where each message posted to the board is "immediately" sent to your designated
email address as it is posted.  This can result in a cluttered box, especially when there is a spike in
membership. An advantage to this selection is that it is the quickest* way to view 'OFFERS' and these
members have a better chance to be the first responder.

*Well, really the quickest is to have your local FreeUse group home page on your computer and you
periodically hit 'refresh' on you browser control...almost instantaneous viewing of the previous five posts
near the bottom of that page.  Of course, you can also go to the "Messages" link from the group home page
and periodically 'refresh' there to see the most recent 25 or more posts.  If you "don't have a life", this is the
choice for you.

"Daily Digest"-Actually, depending on the volume of emails, this 'daily' digest may be automatically sent
to your email address two or three times a day. It contains all the messages posted since the last Daily
Digest in one email. This results in a nice, uncluttered box, but you may not see posts (e.g., 'offers') until a
couple of hours or more after those that receive 'Individual Emails'.  (If too many emails are driving you
crazy, don't leave the group, please change your email setting to "Daily Digest".)

"Special Notices"-With this selection, no email is received except those very important or especially
informative messages that the moderator sends to the membership that are designated by him/her as a
'special notice'. This may occur once or twice a week, for instance (e.g., This message.). This is a good
selection if a member doesn't really care to be 'too' involved, but still wants to keep a connection to the

"No Email"-The member receives no email whatsoever. BUT, the moderator does have the ability to
change this setting to "Special Notice", at least on a temporary basis, if the special notices are 'really'
special. If you are inclined to select "No Email", please strongly consider using the "Special Notices" choice

You make these choices when you join, but you can change these settings at any time by going to the "Edit
Membership" link at the top of the group pages.